Seiden Law Secured Settlement For Client Harmed In Covid PPE Fraud, Resulting In Recovery Of Nearly All Stolen Funds

Jun 15, 2021

Millions of life-saving masks that were intended for Puget Sound Veterans Hospital during the peak of the COVID pandemic in late 2020, never arrived. A Middle Eastern citizen operating via a Canadian and Middle Eastern company settled a claim this week brought by Seiden Law on behalf of Oklahoma-based Asset Group Inc. for the alleged theft of millions of dollars. The defendant had taken tens of millions of dollars from Asset Group and a publicly-traded company as part of a multi-jurisdictional PPE fraud. A search of the defendant’s home by law enforcement found a hidden safe with diamonds and hundreds of thousands in cash. The defendant was arrested at the airport as he was attempting to flee Israel in April and charged with fraud, tax offenses, and money laundering. Asset Group and other victims filed claims against the defendant and after months of continued pressure in court and via law enforcement the defendant agreed to settle the claims leading to Asset Group recovering nearly all the money that was stolen.


Olivia Johann
Business Development Lead
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