Seiden Law Defeats Jurisdictional Challenge By Chinese Fraudster in Seminal New York Case

Aug 2, 2023

On August 1, 2023, following nearly two hours of oral argument, New York Supreme Court Justice Joel Cohen denied a motion to dismiss filed by defendant Xueyuan Han in a pathbreaking international fraud case filed by Seiden Law. Seiden Law’s head of litigation, Amiad Kushner, argued the motion for the plaintiffs, who are a group of over ninety Chinese institutional and individual investors.

Han is the disgraced founder and controller of the Hanfor organization, which at its height, managed approximately $13 billion in assets in China.  In late 2018, the fraudulent conduct of Han’s empire was exposed in a nationwide Chinese government crackdown. In September 2018, just as the Chinese criminal investigations began, Han secretly fled China for New York, where he has resided ever since. In December 2022, Seiden Law sued Han in New York. The lawsuit alleges that Han looted over $1 billion in investor funds in China and diverted them to accounts that he exclusively controls, including in New York. The plaintiffs collectively lost at least $50 million in the fraud.

In his motion to dismiss, Han’s primary argument was that the New York case should be dismissed under the doctrine of forum non conveniens, because plaintiffs’ investments were made in China, most of their witnesses are in China, and their claims were brought under Chinese law. In response, Seiden Law argued that the case has a substantial nexus to New York given that Han is a New York resident, made misrepresentations to plaintiffs from New York, and routed tens of millions of dollars in stolen funds to his New York bank accounts. After hearing intense arguments that spanned numerous issues of US and Chinese law, the Court found that Han had not met his burden of demonstrating that New York is an inappropriate forum.

Seiden Law lawyers have vast experience in high-stakes China-related disputes, including Robert Seiden, who has been appointed receiver over dozens of Chinese companies, Amiad Kushner, who has been lead counsel in numerous China-related disputes (including a Hong Kong arbitration in which he won a $475 million award on behalf of a large Chinese insurer), Jennifer Blecher, who is handling several major China-related appeals, Xintong Zhang, who is admitted in the US and China and has vast experience in Chinese courts, and Olivia Huang who has extensive experience in China-related litigation in the US.


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