Dogged Work In The Discovery Process

At Seiden Law, we have extensive experience and success working with foreign counsel to assist in their country’s lawsuit or arbitration. We build on the knowledge and skill of our experienced team of attorneys, analysts, investigators and financial professionals with unique contacts and border-crossing experience to locate stolen or hidden assets and repatriate them.

We can identify the current whereabouts of assets anywhere in the world as well as the mechanisms used to conceal them. This often entails use of 28 USC 1782 of the U.S. Federal Code which enables powerful discovery to aid foreign proceedings.

In the discovery process, we utilize a number of legal avenues to recognize and enforce any foreign judgments and arbitration awards within the United States. We obtain U.S. court orders to secure relevant evidence that is located in the United States and for use in foreign cases. This evidence includes emails, documents and bank records. Our team then takes decisive action to recover those assets.