Judgment Enforcement

When Collection Requires A Comprehensive Search

Seiden Law has successfully enforced judgments totaling over $1 billion in the U.S. and around the world on behalf of litigants. Often, a law firm will win a judgment but fail to address how the judgment will be paid. This is what sets our firm apart. We start with the end in mind, so the client is not throwing good money after the bad.

Our attorneys work with our team of asset tracers and investigators to identify assets and lock them down. We bring together creativity and dogged determination to enforce judgments and recover compensation for our clients. Even when our recovery efforts take our search overseas or require us to uncover hidden assets, we do not allow these obstacles to stop our pursuit of justice. We have uncovered millions concealed in real estate and shell companies.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law represented PAG, a leading investment company, in pursuing and presenting the defendant’s hidden assets, including shell companies and veil-piercing evidence of multiple businesses under alter egos, which resulted in frozen assets and a restraining order against the main defendant and eventually a judgment.
  • Seiden Law has successfully worked as co-counsel with an Am Law 100 law firm in a protracted litigation and judgment enforcement matter in Manhattan state court on behalf of a Hong Kong private equity firm.
  • Robert Seiden was appointed receiver over a Florida-based publicly listed company held in contempt for violating an injunction to preserve assets and resolve a protracted dispute with secured creditors. The case was resolved successfully by Seiden Law with praise from the federal judge.
  • Robert Seiden was appointed Receiver over a U.S. company to enforce a $4.5 million judgment resulting in recovery for the investors.
  • Robert Seiden was appointed Receiver over 30 times by U.S. federal and state courts to enforce judgments and manage distressed companies.
  • Robert Seiden was appointed Receiver in Hong Kong and Cayman Islands in a matter stemming from a publicly listed company in the U.S. accused of dissipation of corporate assets.

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