Labor & Employment Litigation

Unshakable Advocates In Employment Law Disputes

At Seiden Law, we represent employees and employers in lawsuits for unpaid wages, breach of employment agreement, and related workplace and compensation issues. With experience investigating and resolving hundreds of different litigated matters, the experienced litigators on our legal team have the acumen and knowledge necessary to craft personalized legal strategies.

We understand how much is at stake for companies and employees in these complex legal matters, and we are diligent in our efforts to understand the intricate details of each client’s case. The investigators, analysts and other professionals at Seiden Law analyzes the risks involved in each potential option and helps clients take decisive actions that protect their future opportunities. Notably, working with both employees and employers also provides us with a unique perspective into each case we take on.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law successfully represented the former top lawyer at EV company Faraday & Future Inc. in litigation in California seeking over $100 million. The matter was resolved on confidential terms favorably to our client.
  • Seiden Law’s veteran trial team successfully represented two hedge fund portfolio managers in Manhattan court against their former hedge fund employer who they allege owe them many millions of dollars. The case resulted in a re-trial on the breach of contract claim after the jury hung 4-2 in favor of our client and the jury tossed out all the hedge fund’s counterclaims.

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