Litigation & Dispute Resolution on Behalf of Sovereign Nations

Bold Representation On Behalf Of Sovereign Nations

When legal concerns cross borders, these matters require skill, tenacity and a meticulous approach to information and the laws involved. At Seiden Law, our determined team of professionals have successfully represented foreign governments in adversarial proceedings in the United States.

Our firm’s contacts within the government of the United States allow us unique insight into government agencies. With this knowledge, our seasoned team of investigators, forensic accountants, litigators and other professionals can proactively address investigations and compliance issues to help our clients reach a fair and favorable resolution.

Whether enforcing judgments, addressing debt or managing other complex issues on behalf of foreign governments, our team at Seiden Law has the drive and dedication necessary to get results. Our innovative solutions in complex situations have allowed us to build a strong track record of success for hundreds of clients, including sovereign nations.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law advised The Arab Republic of Egypt and the Egyptian Procurement Office in Washington D.C. in the favorable resolution of a dispute with a U.S. company stemming from an aircraft refueling agreement.
  • Seiden Law successfully represents The Republic of Malawi in recovering millions stolen from an alleged fraudster in the U.S. Seiden Law has been working with local law enforcement and prosecutors to recover all the stolen money for the African nation after the Malawi Attorney General hired Seiden Law.
  • Seiden Law has advised representatives of a private U.S. firm in negotiations with the Iraqi Central Bank regarding cashless currency technology and infrastructure.

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