OFAC De-listing

OFAC sanctions are premised on ensuring correct future conduct, not punishing prior alleged misconduct. Nevertheless, placement on the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) list can have devastating business ramifications for targeted individuals and entities of any size and industry, including reputational damage, business disruption, and loss of assets. However, these sudden and severe designations can be removed if an SDN can demonstrate a factual or legal error in the listing or provide sufficient evidence of changed circumstances.

Seiden Law specializes in the removal of individuals and business entities from the OFAC sanctions list, possessing the necessary skills, global and US contacts, and expertise to conduct thorough internal investigations and identify the reasons for designation and plan for mitigation and removal.  From locating errors in designations, advising clients on how to engage with OFAC in a collegial manner, and developing various comprehensive strategies for corporate restructuring, governance enhancements, accountability measures, and personnel changes, the firm has generated a successful track record of facilitating the withdrawal of SDN’s.

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