SEC Whistleblowers

Assertive Support For Whistleblowers

At Seiden Law, we investigate, prepare and file whistleblower complaints with the United States government on behalf of those in the know concerning corporate fraud, corruption and bribery. Our team of attorneys, analysts, and financial professionals unite to identify key details, create comprehensive and bold legal strategies and represent whistleblowers with tenacity.

Holding companies responsible for illegal behavior often depends on employees, former employees and others who can blow the whistle about those violations. These whistleblowers deserve experienced legal support to help them pursue a claim and protect their rights in the process.

Fraud and other crimes are not limited by state borders, and our team at Seiden Law represents whistleblowers in courts across the United States. We have worked in many different state courts and have navigated the federal court system, and we leverage that experience to assist whistleblowers wherever the fight for justice takes them.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law has substantial experience in filing whistleblower complaints with the SEC and CFTC on behalf of clients. Two of such cases were FCPA-related where publicly listed companies engaged in bribery of foreign governments for commercial reasons and violated the books and records and internal controls requirements among others. The amount at stake is in the billions of dollars.