Securities Litigation

An Assertive Team With Financial Acumen

Complex legal concerns like securities litigation require bold legal strategies built on a foundation of financial knowledge and skill. At Seiden Law, our team of investigators, analysts, forensic accountants and seasoned litigators work together to address the intricate details of securities matters and conflicts.

We represent public and private companies, as well as shareholders and creditors who have disputes and require seasoned lawyers to enforce and uphold their rights. Our experienced team has handled private placements of debt and equity, option plans, delistings and periodic SEC filings, among other securities matters. Whether analyzing the complex details of a case or aggressively representing our clients’ interests in court, Seiden Law brings together deep financial knowledge, innovative strategies and unshakable determination.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law successfully sued a former high-flying wine connoisseur on behalf of multiple victims around the U.S. who were duped by him in a wine club investment scheme. Our lawsuit resulted in a judgment against the fraudster, Omar Khan, and action was taken against him by the federal prosecutors in New York.
  • Seiden Law successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of a U.S. company in Oklahoma that sold gloves and masks and was defrauded during the Covid-19 pandemic by a Middle Eastern citizen operating via a Canadian company.
  • Seiden Law successfully sued on behalf of Chinese investors in a lawsuit in New York state court seeking over $50 million in connection with the massive fraud at the Hanfor Asset Management Group.
  • Seiden Law represented an insurer in a lawsuit in New York federal court against a large national financial advisor arising from the fraud involving the Platinum Partners hedge fund. The matter was resolved on confidential terms.
  • Seiden Law represented a large private equity firm in recovering assets from multiple jurisdictions on behalf of a portfolio of defaulted loans in Central America.

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