Fighting For Clients In The Delaware Chancery Court

At Seiden Law, we have extensive experience appearing before the Delaware Chancery court, an agency recognized as a leading venue for resolving business and corporate disputes. This experience includes complex litigation representing plaintiffs and defendants and appointing receivers over public companies.

The team at Seiden Law has won millions of dollars for our clients and has a strong track record of success both in court and in related issues like asset recovery. Our dogged litigation attorneys have represented clients whose business involves a variety of market sectors, addressing the intricacies of each client’s need and taking a gloves-off approach to litigation.

Informing and supporting these strong legal strategies are our team of investigators, analysts and financial professionals. Our team works together to provide vital support by analyzing the details of an issue and creating groundbreaking solutions in this key venue for business and corporate decisions.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc., a company with shares previously listed on NASDAQ, as receiver appointed by Delaware Chancery Court to supervise forensic asset recovery in China, Hong Kong, and the U.S. and resolve the dispute.
  • Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc., a U.S. publicly listed company with Hong Kong and China operations, as receiver appointed by Delaware Chancery Court, to deal a structure with the company chairman.
  • A publicly held gaming company in China and Macau, as receiver appointed by the Delaware Chancery Court in identifying and freezing $8 million in property in Hong Kong.