Innovative Strategies For Discovery In The Digital Age

In our increasingly digital world, the discovery process must involve cutting-edge strategies that reflect that changing digital landscape. At Seiden Law, we handle all aspects of discovery and data searches, tagging and production related to litigation.

Seiden Law has built a strong reputation for our unyielding approach to litigation, including the intricacies of the discovery process. Our attorneys also work alongside a team of analysts, investigators and financial professionals to unravel complex details during the eDiscovery process. Not only does our team of skilled professionals have the knowledge and skill to uncover vital information, but we also have the experience necessary to address the unique factors at play in many different industries.

Our innovative legal team also address the data protection concerns that can arise during eDiscovery. With cutting-edge, creative solutions, we can create necessary strategies for collecting and protecting information during this process.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law conducted a massive litigation discovery project involving review and analysis of over 500 megabytes of data in a bare-knuckled arbitration involving a clean energy company client and a former employee.
  • Seiden Law managed a document review process in a massive litigation using multiple platforms and 10 reviewers all done within budget and on time.