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Seiden Law has an extensive track record of significant victories across many areas of the legal spectrum. Some of our most notable cases include:

Seiden Law Wins Reversal Of Judgment In The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Based On A Decision Affirming Client’s First Amendment Rights.
Seiden Law won a reversal of the federal district court’s judgment, following a jury trial. The jury found that the defendants committed stalking, under California Civil Code 1708.7. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed this judgment, finding that the defendant’s speech and related conduct, intended to make public their views of the plaintiff’s business practices, was protected under the First Amendment and not applicable under California’s stalking statue. The Ninth Circuit panel reversed the judgment and remanded.
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Seiden Law Is Appointed As U.S. Counsel By Israeli Trustee To Recover The Stolen Monies Of Michael David Greenfield (AKA Michael Ben-Ari), The Man Deemed “The Israeli Madoff” In The Israeli Press.
Seiden Law was appointed as U.S. counsel to Trustee Adv. Lior Dagan, the court-appointed Trustee in an Israeli insolvency proceeding against Michael Ben-Ari aka Michael David Greenfield (“Greenfield”). Seiden Law filed a Chapter 15 case in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, seeking recognition of the Israeli insolvency proceeding in the U.S. After a bankruptcy judge granted broad powers to Mr. Dagan to recover assets in the U.S., Seiden Law moved forward with Mr. Dagan to identify and recover stolen funds.
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Seiden Law Team Helps Bring Global Fraudster To Justice In A Massive Half Billion Dollar Scam That Spans Europe, Hong Kong And New York.
Seiden Law represents the Libra Group Inc., a U.S.-based conglomerate conducting international business in over 35 countries, worldwide. Seiden Law has been leading the Libra Group’s efforts in seeking justice against a former employee that swindled half a billion dollars from the company. The massive scam has spanned Europe, Hong Kong and New York, being brought in multiple courts around the world. The case has been reported on by Business Insurance in the U.S. and Greek Reporter in Greece.
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Seiden Law Secured A Settlement For Client, Resulting In Recovery Of Nearly All The Money That Was Stolen.
Millions of masks intended for Puget Sound Veterans Hospital during the peak of the COVID pandemic in 2020 never arrived. A Middle Eastern citizen operating via a Canadian and Middle Eastern company settled a claim brought by Seiden Law on behalf of Oklahoma-based Asset Group Inc. for the alleged theft of millions of dollars. Asset Group and other victims filed claims against the defendant, who finally agreed to settle and Asset Group recovered nearly all the money that was stolen.
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Seiden Law‘s Representation Of Plaintiff Henry Liu Yields Positive Outcome.
Seiden Law is pleased to announce a successful outcome in its representation of Henry Liu after a hard-fought litigation. The positive result came within weeks of trial thanks to Seiden Law’s tenacious and creative lawyering. Plaintiff Henry Liu had made claims of breach of contract, violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress against his former employer, Faraday & Future, an electric vehicle company set to go public via a SPAC merger later this month.
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Seiden Law‘s Receivership Efforts Over Oriental Dragon Corporation Result In A Win For Client Despite The Distressed State Of The Company In China.
In August 2018, Robert Seiden was appointed as receiver over Oriental Dragon Corporation Inc. (“ODC”) in the Supreme Court of the State of New York to enforce a judgment against the company. Despite the distressed state of the company in China, Mr. Seiden obtained a $3 million settlement with the company, resulting in a significant recovery of funds for the client.
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Robert Seiden Was Appointed Receiver Over The Shares Rolta India Ltd. Owns In Its Parent Company, Rolta International, Inc.
Seiden Law‘s Managing Partner, Robert Seiden, was appointed as Receiver over all shares that Rolta India Limited (“Rolta India”) owns in Rolta International, Inc. (“Rolta International”), an India-based international IT company. Rolta International defaulted on senior notes, resulting in a judgment entered against the company of over $200mm including interest. Mr. Seiden was appointed as Receiver to take control over the Rolta International’s equity interests and have the authority to seize assets in an effort to put the turnover order into effect.
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Robert Seiden As Receiver Over Trustify Inc. Helped Bring Case To Justice As Former CEO Was Indicted By Department Of Justice And Arrested By The FBI.
Robert Seiden as Receiver appointed by the Delaware Chancery Court in the matter of Trustify Inc. helped bring the case to justice. Danny Boyce, the former CEO of Trustify was indicted for mail and securities fraud and arrested by the FBI in 2020. Seiden Law gathered evidence and investigated Boyce and Trustify since the receivership commenced in 2019. According to the Department of Justice, “Daniel Boyce was charged with five counts of wire fraud, one count of securities fraud, and two counts of money laundering.”
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Seiden Law Obtains Precedent-Setting Decision Allowing Alternative Service Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic.
On July 17, 2020, the Honorable Judge Lewis J. Liman ruled in favor of Seiden Law clients, Libra Group and Convergen Energy LLC, granting Plaintiffs’ motion for alternative service on the international defendants named in the case.The Hon. Judge Liman considered the exigent circumstances provided by the current global pandemic and recognized the plaintiff’s efforts to effect service via the proper international channels and the significant delay in procedure that would result. After reviewing these facts, the Court ruled to “exercise its discretion to order service pursuant to Rule 4(f)(3)” and granted the Plaintiffs’ motion for alternative service on the international defendants located in Spain.
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Robert Seiden’s Asset Recovery Efforts Highlighted An Article Published In Institutional Investor By Michael Rapoport.
Author Michael Rapaport writes article in Institutional Investor about Chinese Companies defrauding U.S. investors and how Seiden Law‘s managing partner, Robert Seiden, has provided a way to recover investor funds by recovering company assets via the U.S. courts.
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Seiden Law Led The Successful Effort From The Start To Remove General Israel Ziv From The U.S. Treasury OFAC Sanctions List.
Working with a team hand selected by Seiden Law, we successfully achieved the removal of sanctions against General Israel Ziv, an Israeli war hero (and his companies). General Ziv worked for years building farms in South Sudan to feed a malnourished population. His removal in less than one year was a remarkable achievement and we thank the members of the legal team and the United States government for their efforts.
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Seiden Law Defeats Anticipatory Filing In Wisconsin And Transfers Case To New York.
A judge ruled in favor of Seiden Laws client, Libra Group and L’Anse Warden Electric Company LLC, to transfer the case to New York. The Eastern District of Wisconsin action was filed hours before the New York suit. However, this lawsuit did not include the full range of issues, and the plaintiff intentionally left out issues related to the Supply Agreement’s enforceability. Thus, the Order states “Here, despite plaintiff’s assertions to the contrary, this case is inextricably tied to the pending New York action.”
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Seiden Law Secured A $240 Million Judgment Against Valve Manufacturer.
After China Valves Technology listed on the US markets and raised capital from US investors, the company went dark. Robert Seiden was then appointed as receiver for CVVT to enforce a judgement of about $240 million against CVVT by way of a share buyback order. Subsequently, the Chairman Siping Fang, illegally transferred out the subsidiaries, which blocked the receiver from exercising control over them. The court granted the receiver’s request for a civil contempt against Fang which was followed by an order of criminal contempt.
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Seiden Law Sued A Global Wine Fraudster In New York State Court For Bilking Over A Dozen Investors.
Seiden Law was selected by a large group of successful Americans to investigate and bring charges against a global wine industry player who, evidence showed, orchestrated a massive scheme to defraud them of millions of dollars.Seiden Law brought the evidence forward and was able to bring charges in the New York State Supreme Court against the main target and his co-conspirators. The complaint alleges fraud, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and multiple other counts. The case received wide international publicity, including on The New York Post and Daily Mail (UK).
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Cayman Islands Court Appoints Seiden Law As First Ever Receiver Over A Cayman Islands Company.
Robert Seiden was appointed as Receiver over Link Motion, Inc. pursuant to a 2020 order by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands. This was the first-ever U.S. Receiver to be appointed over a Cayman Islands company. The order has enormous significance to international businesses that use offshore vehicles to shield from liability. Armed with this court order, Robert Seiden and his team are in the process of securing the company from plunder by the company chairman and his cronies, as alleged in the court papers.
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Seiden Law Enters A Ten Year Legal Battle At The Eleventh Hour To Try A Case In Manhattan State Supreme Court And Wins A $90m Award After A 3 Week Jury Trial.
Seiden Law entered the case a few months before jury selection was scheduled and represented the plaintiffs, Gentry Beach and Robert Vollero, in their fight against their former employer who refused to pay them bonuses earned based on their performance. The award exceeded all expectations when the jury returned a $46M verdict (with statutory interest the award totaled over $90M). The victory was widely publicized, including on the front cover of the widely respected New York Law Journal, as well as articles published in the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal.
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Seiden Law Represented Large Insurance Company Against Lincoln International In Federal District Court For Massive Losses Related To The Platinum And Beechwood Hedge Fund Ponzi Scheme.
Seiden Law was hired by a large Pennsylvania health insurance provider called known as “SHIP” after they were the victim of a massive loss due to the wrongdoing of several investment vehicles. Seiden Law filed a massive claim against Lincoln International who were supposed to be the valuation firm protecting SHIP. The case was filed against Lincoln International in U.S. Federal District Court in Manhattan seeking massive losses related to the Platinum and Beechwood hedge fund Ponzi scheme. Seiden Law overcame the motion to dismiss brought by Lincoln and their lawyers Skadden Arps.
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Successful Recovery Of Funds On Behalf Of Investors In A China-Based Pharmaceutical Company.
On April 3, 2014, Robert Seiden was appointed Receiver over a Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc., a US publicly-listed company with Hong Kong and China operations. Seiden was able to structure a deal with the company chairman that bought out shares of US investors at $1.65/share even though it was trading at $.12/share. The settlement was approved by the court and all parties and shareholders received the money totaling approximately $4M. This case has been widely covered in the media by reputable sources such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
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Secured Injunction Against Publicly Listed Company To Prevent Illegal Transfer Of Assets.
In February 2019, Robert Seiden was appointed as the temporary Receiver over Link Motion Inc. and granted a preliminary injunction restraining Link Motion from transferring any assets out of the company without the Receiver’s approval. The lawsuit stems from a series of alleged misconduct by Link Motion’s Chairman, Dr. Vincent Shi. The lawsuit was brought by a shareholder, after learning information of the alleged wrongdoing. LKMForward, a significant group of shareholders, hired Seiden Law as its counsel to represent its case in recovering company assets.
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Successful Recovery Of Funds On Behalf Of Shareholders/Investors In A China-Based Technology Company.
Robert Seiden was appointed Receiver over Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. by the Delaware Chancery Court in 2015. ABAT was delisted from the NASDAQ in 2012 after evidence surfaced of misstated financials and the chairman stopped filing with the SEC. Seiden, along with a forensic asset recovery investigations company, Confidential Global Investigations, worked with his team of global agents to hold the chairman accountable. The settlement, which included a cash payment of $2 million, was approved by the Delaware Chancery court in 2017.
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Seiden Law Has Been Engaged To Represent The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), A Northern Eastern Syria Group Of Mostly Kurdish Syrians Aligned With The United States.
“Ahmed arrived Jan. 23 at JFK Airport on board Qatar Airways Flight 451. Kahana picked her up and drove her to meet his lawyer, Robert Seiden, to discuss the possibility of his law firm representing the SDC pro bono.”
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Seiden Law Successfully Sold China/US Biotechnology Company For The Benefit Of US Shareholders On China Equity Exchange (A First For A Western Seller).
“On July 18, 2017, CBEX SINOWING International Board, SINOWING (Beijing) Asset Management Co. Ltd and Robert W. Seiden, a Receiver of the U.S. Courts, held a signing and listing ceremony for sale of Chinese companies previously listed on U.S. Stock Exchanges by the Receiver of each company. The projects that were and are being listed on the CBEX SINOWING International Board cover more than 20 industries ranging from energy, medicine and technology, to real estate development, agriculture, and health products.”
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Seiden Law‘s Robert Seiden Was The First US Receiver To Gain Control Of A Mainland China Company.
For the first time in China-US capital market history, the Receiver of Link Motion Inc. has successfully pierced a Variable Interest Entity (VIE) company’s shareholding after prevailing in a China arbitration before the largest China arbitration panel. Robert Seiden, as the US court-appointed Receiver, successfully overcame the legal contradictions arising out of VIE structures, and managed to achieve success in obtaining legal control over a PRC operating entity. This victory sets an important precedent for US shareholders who have taken risks by investing in China companies.