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Seiden Law is globally recognized as a leading law firm for fearlessly helping clients win lawsuits, resolve disputes, solve complex problems, and mitigate risk anywhere in the world cost-effectively with relentless energy, innovation, and intelligence.

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We are relentless.

Our proud track record of success for our clients is no fluke. It stems from our brilliant and hard-hitting team of professionals and our approach to each matter. We provide clients in the United States and abroad with straightforward guidance in complex situations, helping them pursue their long-term goals, manage risk and achieve favorable outcomes in disputes.

We will go the extra mile for our clients to achieve the best results possible in the trickiest and most arduous of situations.

We are innovative and versatile.

When the course of business takes a company across borders, they face unique obstacles. They may need to navigate a broad range of regulations or face challenges with other nations that do not recognize legal decisions made in the United States. Litigation, judgment enforcement and other issues may gain added complexity when trying to reach a resolution across borders.

The team at Seiden Law understands these challenges. We employ unique, rarely used and envelope-pushing strategies, techniques, and arguments to succeed for our clients:

We employ unique strategies to succeed for our CLIENTS

  • We stretch the long arm statute to drag adversaries into US courts deriving major strategic advantages. We did this successfully in a case we filed against a Chinese national whose conduct injured US investors.
  • We find hidden assets of our adversaries well before we file the case in order to make sure that when we win, the likelihood of collectability on the judgment or award is dramatically increased. We did this in a case where we sued a Ponzi schemer in the US on behalf of an overseas trustee. This is an oft-overlooked strategy that lawyers seem to ignore until it’s too late resulting in a “win” where the client never collects.
  • We utilize receivership statutes and procedures to secure leverage and advantage for our clients and ensure that justice is done and wrongful conduct is minimized. We have convinced US (and foreign) judges over 30 times to appoint a receiver to benefit our client and preserve assets, enforce judgments and manage distressed companies.
  • We invoke under-utilized US laws such as 28 USC 1782 to secure vitally needed information from third parties for our clients to aid them in foreign proceedings.

Combining Intelligence and Creativity with Relentless Bare-Knuckled Advocacy

We have immense global reach for our unique clients.

If you or your business operates on the international stage, you deserve to have legal counsel with a proven track record of winning and global reach. Seiden Law has cases pending throughout the world working with local counsel, including in global commercial and legal centers in London, Israel, Dubai, China, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, and on almost every continent. Seiden Law’s clients originate from throughout the world, and they come to us from outside of their homeland to have us seek justice for them from our stomping ground – the US courts.

Seiden Law represents multi-national corporations, countries, high-profile and high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and diverse people of all countries to get them justice and recompense.

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We are top-ranked attorneys providing personalized service at boutique law firm rates.

Many clients want lawyers from the largest law firms to handle their matters. Seiden Law is staffed with successful trial lawyers and litigators, former prosecutors and U.S. attorneys, investigators, and forensic accountants that hail from some of the world’s largest law firms and bring their experience and high-quality work product to our clients at a more cost-effective rate.

Because we intentionally maintain a boutique-sized business model, we are adept at understanding our client’s needs and requirements in real time. Clients don’t wait days to reach a senior lawyer on their case. They usually have their cell phone number and are treated like family.


Seiden Law frequently collaborates with other firms with different expertise and jurisdictional coverage and works on a referral basis, splitting fees with other firms as appropriate. If there are matters that you believe we could work on together, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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