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Pre-Law Paralegal Program

Seiden Law offers seasonal and two-year paralegal internships for third-year and fourth-year pre-law undergraduate students interested in a full-time immersive legal assistant experience with paralegal training. Paralegals at Seiden Law are provided rare opportunities to closely assist attorneys in litigation and assist in court and trial on case matters.


Paralegals at Seiden Law assist associate and senior attorneys in substantive legal support on complex litigation and arbitration matters. The opportunities range from assisting in case material compilation for attorney review to participation at trial. Paralegals are guaranteed to collaborate with and learn from experienced attorneys and partners, an opportunity rarely offered at other law firms.

Paralegal interns who work as third-year undergraduates are offered a call back to transition to a full-time paralegal position following graduation. For seasonal paralegal interns, we offer a competitive salary starting at $20/hour. For two-year paralegals, we offer a competitive annual salary starting at $45,000.


We prioritize candidates with high aptitude over high work experience, though previous work experience at a law firm is preferred. Candidates must demonstrate ability to complete tasks efficiently. They must have fundamental proficiency in online research and have excellent analytical, troubleshooting, organizational, and planning skills.

We are open for hire for the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons. Each candidate must provide their cover letter, resume, and transcript when applying. Candidates must relocate to be able to commute to the New York office. Applications should be sent to [email protected].