Investigations, Government Enforcement, & White-Collar Criminal Defense Practice

The Seiden Law team is recognized globally as an exceptionally successful and experienced firm in helping clients with government enforcement response, investigations and defense of white collar criminal and civil charges. Our team consists of experienced legal professionals who have served in various capacities in the US government such as The United States Attorney’s Office, The FBI, state prosecutors and the attorney general. Our work includes cases with the SEC, DOJ, US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) as well as local and foreign law enforcement offices.
Our central objective is to swiftly achieve optimal resolutions, as opposed to letting cases drag on wasting precious time and resources. The most favorable outcome in a government enforcement case is attained by avoiding charges altogether, either through skillful negotiation based on a successful internal investigation or by demonstrating the risks of pursuing prosecution. We understand the potential reputational and financial damage that can be caused by government enforcement. While we have handled high-profile cases spotlighted by prominent publications, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Institutional Investor, our most notable achievements often occur behind the scenes, by persuading government lawyers to abstain from filing charges or by obtaining evidence that exonerates or mitigates our client’s circumstances. Effective negotiation in such scenarios often hinges on the lawyer’s earned respect from prosecutors, a respect our legal team has garnered through their extensive experience.
Our practice is international in scope, representing clients both in the United States and across the globe, spanning Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. A significant portion of our efforts involves assisting foreign companies and individuals who have been pursued by U.S. law enforcement, Interpol and regulators. Leveraging our global connections and experiences, we skillfully handle challenging criminal investigations and government enforcement actions that extend across jurisdictions around the globe.

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