Mitigation and Avoidance

Over the past decade, the number of sanctions imposed by the United States has grown exponentially as a response to a rapidly changing and globalizing market. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in the US Department of Treasury administers economic and trade sanctions that can have significant impacts to businesses and future trade dealings. At Seiden Law, our team of lawyers and investigators have extensive experience working with international clients in navigating complex OFAC guidelines—preventing legal problems and unexpected lawsuits.

Implementing an OFAC compliance program requires a robust knowledge of OFAC rules and regulations. Seiden Law’s team of lawyers’ familiarity with OFAC’s regulatory framework allows us to diligently support our clients and work successfully to create and design a compliance program that is likely to be approved. Our work across various industries. Including mining, technology and agriculture, makes us exceptionally adept at meeting our clients’ diverse and pressing needs to bring about favorable results.

Given the frequent changes in sanctions regulations that affect the global economic marketplace, it is crucial to have the proper counsel to avoid the pitfalls of engaging with potentially sanctioned businesses or transactions. Seiden Law’s preeminent sanctions advisory services provide valuable assistance to clients in identifying and minimizing the compliance and business risks associated with the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s (OFAC) trade and economic regulations. Our extensive experience working with domestic and international entities and our background in the federal U.S. government makes us an indispensable resource for global clients facing or anticipating sanctions.

Our team has assisted clients in navigating the complexities of sanctions-related situations by handling their transactions, addressing contractual issues, and managing third-party relationships to circumvent sanctions risks.  Seiden Law’s sanctions practice possesses the knowledge and expertise to advise clients through these challenges while balancing economic realities with legal obligations and, supporting communication between commercial partners, banks and other parties to ensure risk mitigation and compliance.

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