Sovereign Nations Asset Repatriation

Powerful Advocates When Nations Face Significant Challenges

Seiden Law has worked on behalf of several sovereign nations to assist in identifying and securing assets that have been stolen by other parties. Even when our recovery efforts take our search overseas or require us to uncover hidden assets, we do not allow these obstacles to stop our pursuit of justice. We have uncovered millions concealed in real estate and shell companies, among other places.

The team of lawyers, paralegals, investigators, analysts and forensic accountants at Seiden Law offers broad-based knowledge and unparalleled experience in this complex area of the law. Our work on behalf of sovereign nations around the world, along with our contacts within the United States government, allow us to proactively address investigations and identify and secure missing assets.

Our Representative Case Work Includes:

  • Seiden Law is engaged by a Eurasian country to secure millions stolen from their cofferers by former government employees.
  • Seiden Law is working on behalf of the Republic of Malawi to recover millions stolen in a scheme from a U.S. resident resulting in U.S. law enforcement taking action and our client being made whole.

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